Hello, Dear Truckers.

Welcome to official website of the VTC.World project.

What is the VTC.World?
  • A community of players in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator and focused solely on multiplayer TruckersMP.
  • Your career in TruckersMP multiplayer.
  • Network game profile VTC.World, which is stored on our servers.
  • Joint delivery with friends without synchronizing the cargos in the profile.
  • Always relevant cargos and job of the agencies.
  • Online map and friends on the map.
  • Events, organized by the administration and Virtual Transport Companies.
  • A complete history of your deliveries.
  • Trucking Match Rating (TMR) — the rating of your deliveries.
  • Reputation of players in the VTC.World project.
  • Protected from the changes from outside the game profile.
  • Three gameplay modes: «Vanilla», «Simplified» and «Simulation».
  • Changed economy, police and fines.
  • VTC.World Tax System.
  • Accounting for damage, speed violations and travel to the red light.
  • Built — in and omnivorous online radio player.
  • Keyboard shortcuts complement the gaming experience with TruckersMP.
  • In-game overlay, friends on the server, upcoming events and friends on the map.
  • TOP of players per day, week and month in six nominations.
  • Your friends list in the games in the Steam privacy settings should be available to everyone.
  • Arcade servers are not supported.
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If you are ready to start a new career in the vast multiplayer TruckersMP, welcome to the VTC.World!